Father and Son Nutcracker and Smoker


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Original Steinbach. Handcrafted in Germany. Vintage.

Father and Son I believe it was Wilhelm Busch who said: To become a father is easy but after that you are kept very busy. The birth of a baby boy is always a “happy event” and especially the son and heir was the pride and joy of every father in the old days. The little boy was spoiled and pampered. School and university cost a lot of money a diploma on top of that. So, and what then? Just like in his childhood he lets himself be driven around in his dad’s “cart”. Father sweats and works hard. The offspring sits in the warm and dry and just look how he opens his mouth up wide and has a good smoke. Hah, many a father’s heart will smile at that. Perhaps it’s an exaggeration but a bit of truth is in it when you look at two generations like this. So, may the following be written in every father’s family album: Do it like the sundial, just count the happy hours all the while!