Geppetto & Pinnochio Nutcracker


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Limited Edition. Original Steinbach. Handcrafted in Germany. Box S 1791

Pinocchio's creator in Italy was the master woodcarver Geppetto, but we were the ones who first taught him how to switch Pinocchio's noses. Limited edition to 10,000 pieces. A classic tale adds some inspiration to your collection with this Steinbach Gepetto and Pinocchio nutcracker set. Handcrafted from solid wood, Gepetto is dressed in a crisp, white, collared shirt, brown pants, and a tan suede apron that holds his work tools. Shiny brown shoes with goldtone buckles complete his outfit. In one hand, he holds Pinocchio, who is ready to be brought to life with inter-changeable nose! 15-3/4" tall.